In January of each year, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity hosts a huge finale. Concerts rivalling New Year’s Eve celebrations are organized across Poland—with big names on stage, firework shows, and attendee numbers in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. Volunteers flood Polish streets, armed with iconic hexagonal donation boxes and heart stickers, to collect money for the Foundation between Christmas and the day of the Finale. All donations support one goal, set each year by the Foundation—helping finance medical equipment in Poland where it’s most needed. This year? Equal access to healthcare for newborns.

What if you’re a Polish expat? You don’t have to travel to Poland to take part in a Finale—collection centres abroad pop up like mushrooms! WOŚP is represented in 7 German cities and reaches all around the world. There’s a Finale in Jakarta, Oslo, Boston, Wellington, Shanghai, and even on the Hornsund Polish Polar Station on Spitsbergen. Finales take on slightly different forms in all of those places—from charity runs through traditional dinners, recitals, and concerts to block parties. All money collected goes straight to the Foundation to support its work in Poland.

Members of our collection center have been representing WOŚP for 6 years straight now. We started from a small event shared through word of mouth, where we served Polish food and collected spare change to support the Foundation.  This year at 26. Finał WOŚP – Berlin we’re once again going above and beyond that! But see for yourselves on January 13th in LaLuz. ?? Siema! 

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