About the Orchestra

Most Polish people don’t need an explanation of what the GOCC (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Polish: Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, WOŚP) is—this charity initiative has turned into a world-scale phenomenon.

The Foundation has done too much good to count in the 26 years that it has been functioning. Grand Finales for collecting charity donations, purchasing medical equipment for hospitals and clinics, their Peace Patrol, first aid trainings, their campaigns against domestic violence, financing medical treatments, Woodstock Poland, blood drives, runs and races, volunteering opportunities…

The Berlin Collection Center has been operating since 2013 to do justice to the grand idea behind the GOCC. We have already hosted 5 local Grand Finales, and collected a grand total of € 25 000 to support the Foundation’s activity in Poland. Like our fanpage to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved!

The Next Finale

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will play in Berlin one more time! In a city with as big of a Polish minority, the event is bound to be a phenomenal success.

The Berlin edition of the 27th WOŚP Grand Finale will take place on January 12th 2019. We want to not only have a great time, but also collect funds to help those, who need our support the most. More information about the location and program of the event will be coming soon.

Support our efforts

Everyone who works with the WOŚP squad are volunteers. Unfortunately, our enthusiasm, hard work, and positive energy aren’t enough to make a Grand Finale happen. Renting an event space, getting sound equipment in, and making sure the buffet at the Finale is stocked with Polish delicacies all cost money.

This is why we are looking for sponsors — companies and individuals — who are able to contribute financially to the Grand Finale, even with a small sum. We will try to give back in ways that we can: by advertising your business on our website and Facebook page and by letting you advertise your business at the event itself.

The money we collect will help us reach our goals and make this Grand Finale the best one yet. Every single penny lets the Foundation save the lives of hospitalized people and improve preventative healthcare.

We’re also always looking for volunteers. The more hands on deck we have, the better our chances are at a successful, big Finale. If you’re willing to help out, whether that involves collecting money, setting up the event space for the Finale, or manning the pierogi counter, reach out to us!

Ready to support the 27th WOŚP Berlin Finale in January 2019? Get in touch!

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